A Great Year

This was a tough year for Brazilians, 2015 marked the peak of our political crisis, in which our corrupt politicians point their fingers unceremoniously to cast doubt and raise a sandstorm that will take the accusations away. This political crisis affected the economy as investors began to distrust the country and took a French leave.

Inflation is going up, so as the goods’ prices. Oil price declined all over the world, yet gas price went up. My electricity bill raised 120%. One hundred and twenty f*cking percent. The best way to summarize 2015 for every Brazilian is that every price rose and our consumption power nosedived.

Yet this year was great.

I got my apartment this month and I write this amidst the debris from the renovations, paused for the long weekend. I hope to have a beautiful place to live by the end of January. I got a new job where I write and learn a lot of Javascript and an iPhone with iOS 9 so I can use Workflow across the day and build cool actions for us.

I’ve quit smoking earlier this year, March 26. I fought against depression and I feel much better now. I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s and I’m glad to close my eyes and picture her joyfully growing roses in her garden.

I watched more movies. Plenty more. I feel like I’m starting over and I’m delighted for it. I’m more dedicated to spare time doing the things I love to do but I still feel time is too short.

That’s my wish for 2016: more time to love more.

And write more.

Thank you for following me in this wonderful year.