Associate and Amazon Affiliate Links

John Voorhees followed the lessons from his previous project, Blink, and released an app dedicated to Amazon affiliate links: Associate. Support for x-callback-url didn't make the cut for the 1.0 release, but was added in a subsequent update and I have some actions for you.

These actions are just variations from those we built for Blink. Here's one for Drafts to search for a selection and replace it with the link to the product.

Get Amazon Link

Search for selected text in Associate, returning to Drafts replacing that text with the link generated by Associate.

Get Action

Here's the same action built for 1Writer:


Searches selection on Associate and replaces it for Amazon affiliate link.

Get Action

You can look at the documentation yourself here and you can always access this documentation and many others from the x-callback-url library. If you rely on Amazon affiliate revenue for income, Associate is a no-brainer.