Clear and Comma-separated lists

Last year, I had so many problems with Clear and the comma-separated lists required by its url scheme that I created a Python script to join everything together. I wouldn’t use Pythonista for this action anymore. You can use TextTool to avoid the comma problem from Drafts and [prompt-list] to do the same from Launch Center Pro.

The previous workflow made the first line of a Drafts’ document the name of a list and the remaining lines were the tasks to be included into it. Using Drafts and TextTool, you can skip Python using the following action:

List to Clear:


Launch Center Pro allows you to skip TextTool by using the newly introduced [prompt-list], although it requires the input of two different prompts to specify the name of the list and its tasks. If you just want to update your current lists, I recommend the following action, otherwise, replace the whole [list] block with [prompt:Give the List a Name], which will allow you create new lists from the script instead. Using a list of names frees you from memorizing every list you have on Clear. You could always keep two different actions as well.

List to Clear:

clearapp://list/create?listName=[list:Choose a list|Groceries|Bucket List|Things to do|Someday]&tasks=[prompt-list:What are your tasks?]

I believe the next Launch Center Pro update will allow you to add prompts as values for the [list] parameter, therefore you’d be able to assign a [prompt] as optional value to input a custom parameter while maintaining your most used targets as regular strings. This action has to be updated manually as you add new lists, but I can take that as long as I never tap a comma in a list again.