Create an Evernote notebook with your favorite words and definitions

You already heard that Terminology 3 is out and that it has custom actions. But what can we do with them? Since english is my second language, I stumble upon new words daily and they’re often lost under the swarm of content and lack of a reliable way to store these words. Since Terminology doesn’t let me access my favorite words on the Mac, I needed a universal method to retrieve them. That’s when Evernote comes in.

This can be easily achieved with an Evernote action at Drafts, I’m using a notebook called Vocabulary, but you can change that later. Download the action here, I named it Add to Vocabulary. Notice that it sends markdown as HTML, you’ll understand that soon.

The fun part comes at Terminology, we gonna grab the current term, send it in the first line to become the title of our note afterwards, then the full definition, which will be our body. Terminology exports the definition in markdown, so when you send it to Evernote through Drafts, it gets preserved and generates a beautiful note.

Add to Vocabulary:

drafts://x-callback-url/create?text=[[term]]%0A[[definitions]]&x-source=Terminology&x-success={{terminology://x-callback-url/lookup?text=}}[[term]]&action={{Add to Vocabulary}}

Yes, instead of using {{terminology://x-callback-url/lookup?text=}}[[term]] to return to the same term, I could have simply used {{terminology://}}, because the action is so fast it doesn't give Terminology the time do move anywhere else. But I wanted to show you how you must encode the x-success parameter to use Terminology’s tags in the callback. If you want the simpler version of this action, download here instead.

Now I have an Evernote notebook filled with cool words.