It has been almost a month since the last post and for that I apologize. In this article I want to share some thoughts on the future of iOS automation and the role this blog will play in the upcoming weeks.

First, if you're on my Broadcast, I appreciate the support, but I won't post further updates on the platform. Whenever an app is added to the x-callback-url library, you'll hear about on Twitter.

If new apps will ever be added. See, the last app was Chimp, an client, more than 1 month ago. What I think is that if a developer haven't implemented x-callback-url on their apps yet, it won't happen until iOS 8, which also brings a non-hacky alternative on extensions.

Although we know the limitations behind extensions, developers must consider accessibility and customer support, making the native alternative much more appealing. Therefore, I believe we're seeing the downfall for new apps with x-callback-url.

I don't worry much about that, even if I would appreciate more apps to develop actions for, the library has more than 100 entries already. Even if no other app gets x-callback-url there's still ground to cover.

The x-callback-url library will remain on its place, regardless of the future and as long as there's one x-callback-url app around.

Also, unless Pythonista and Editorial get thrown out of the App Store ― as almost happened ― the possibilities for automation on iOS are endless.

Considering the path taken by the major automation players on iOS, everything is becoming more interactive, as Launch Center Pro's latest updates have shown. Wait until Workflows reach the App Store and turn what once was a painful experience to build actions into a drag & drop interface with different apps connected in a flowchart. You'll create complex actions and won't even notice.

In a near bright future you won't need to scrap blogs for actions to improve your productivity, but manage to create multi-layered workflows from the moment you pick your device.


May have come to your attention that I quit my job as an advertisement copywriter barely 5 weeks ago. Now I'm working as a front-end developer and I'm quite happy about it.

Transition takes time and I hide behind this excuse to explain my absence. Everything is getting back to normal now and so will this blog, so starting in August, we'll get back to at least one weekly post.


After more than one year writing here, this design bores me ― look at how blocked it is! ― and its features grew further more than what was initially intended for. What began as a personal blog became a repository of actions and a library, so I decided it is time to flip the table and re-brand for the future.

Everything will be live in a couple of months, but I'd like to introduce you to the name so you two can get familiar: One Tap LessIt's about productivity and automation, featuring pieces mainly on iOS, but also spanning into the web and Mac. So, basically, nothing changes, I just officially increase the subjects to write about.

Stick around, we're just getting started.