PlainText adds x-callback-url support

Many folks criticized the latest version of PlainText, a free and minimal text editor from the same creator behind WriteRoom and TaskPaper, because of the introduction of in-app purchases to unlock newer features. One thing off the bill is that PlainText 2 also included x-callback-url support.

You can find the whole documentation for PlainText on Help > Working with Apps > URL Scheme, notice that the scheme for PlainText 2 differs from the previous version. For the sake of keeping the library updated, I’ll publish the documentation as it states within the app:

PlainText's URL scheme makes it possible to send text to PlainText from other apps that also support URL schemes. URL schemes are useful if you need them, confusing if you dont. Skip the rest of this if you don't care about URL schemes.

Note PlainText 2 has a different URL scheme from PlainText 1. If you use URL schemes be sure to update them to the new ones! PlainText 2 also supports x-callback-url.

URL Scheme Actions

Launch PlainText:


Create a new file in PlainText:


Opens an existing file in PlainText:


Append text to an existing file:


Prepend text to an existing file:


These are the paramaters accepted by the different actions:

  • location: icloud, dropbox or local. If not specified PlainText will use the current location.
  • path: The folder's path. If not specified PlainText will use the current folder.
  • name: The filename of the file to be opened. Unless otherwise specified new files will use the *.txt extension.
  • text: The text to insert into a new file or to append/prepend to an existing file.

This is the end of the documentation. To test the x-callback-url support, I created a simple Launch Center Pro action to append a line of text in a text file named Hey.txt and return to LCP:

iacplaintext://x-callback-url/append?name=Hey.txt&text=[prompt:Jot down a note]&x-success=launchpro://

You can download this action here.