Weather Forecast for Statusboard

The journey to fill our Statusboard continues with a service I’m particularly proud of: Weather forecast.

The Forecast panel plots the temperature and chance of rain in a single graph and covers the next 24 hours. The interface is a counterfeit version of Weatherline, my weather app of choice in the iPhone, unavailable for iPad. Since “people say Ryan is great at making charts”, I didn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

The weather data comes from, the makers of Dark Sky and the graph is built with D3, a data-manipulation Javascript library used by the New York Times and others.

Build Forecast for Statusboard

Constructs the url for the Forecast panel in Statusboard.

Get Workflow

This constructor workflow will collect your latitude and longitude and ask you if you’re using Celsius or Fahrenheit and if you’d like to use your own API Token. If you used any of my previous Statusboard panels, you’re probably familiar with the steps.


Can I set multiple locations?
In the same panel? No. But you can create multiple panels ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
When will we get weekly forecasts?
Never. You shouldn't be planning your weekly schedule with Statusboard, use a weather app instead. For the iPad, I recommend Weather Nerd, Check the Weather or, if you're in a supported location, Dark Sky.
Why the panel doesn't change location as I travel?
The panel fixes your latitude and longitude in the url, but it supports the Location API in case those parameters are missing. I decided to stick to fixed locations because Statusboard doesn't behave well storing these permissions1, so every couple of minutes it would nag for authorization to use you location. If you need dynamic locations, you can either live with it or use it in Safari with this link for Celsius and this for Fahrenheit.

  1. That's probably on Apple's though.