Workflow Update Brings Ability to Interact with Any Web API

Fastest beta to release ever? Really, I barely installed the Testflight release and the folks from Workflow already submitted this fantastic update with one of the features I appreciate the most: POST requests.

You need to know about 2 request types: GET and POST. When you search a query in a website, that's often a GET request, you're getting results and the parameters are in the URL, just like our URL schema actions here.

A POST request doesn't expose the parameters in the URL, so we use it for authentications, when you use your login and password in a site, it (should) submit this information to the server in a POST request.

Several APIs enforce POST requests for actions that submit any sort of information, such as posting content on Medium.

I couldn't find the time to put together some examples for you (or any post lately and I apologize for that), so I leave you to Viticci's overview at MacStories and also look for Jordan Merrick's examples at his blog.