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Clean Links resolves URLs that have been shortened (i.e. or put behind a proxy (i.e. It will also remove clutter such as UTM tokens. When it's all done, you get the result back onto your clipboard. More advanced settings can be configured within the standard Settings application.


  1. Copy url to clipboard in another app
  2. Load CleanLinks
  3. URL Cleaning results shown in status area.

    x-callback-url support:

CleanLinks also supports the x-callback-url URL scheme. This allows for automation through callbacks. Features include:

  • Full support for x-success & x-failure callbacks.
  • Either the cleaned URL (successful) or original URL (failures) will be returned to calling application.
  • You can customize the how the URL is passed back. See usage below.
    Note: When passing in a URL, it's required to be correctly URL encoded.


Url Scheme: clean-links
Host: x-callback-url
Action: clean
Parameters (All optional):
retParam: The return value used for success & failure callbacks. Will be added as a querystring parameter to the callback. Omitting this will use a parameter named url.
x-success: URL called after a successful cleaning.
x-failure: URL called after a failed cleaning. errorCode & errorMessage will be added to the callback.


Using Clean Links through x-callback-url is simple.

Simple Redirect URL

Clean Links can also be used with other common iOS Applications like (Note: must have application installed):

Google Chrome

Special Thanks

Thanks to all of the beta testers: Aaron Mahnke, Brett Terpstra, David Sparks, Federico Viticci and Patrick Rhone. Icon Design by Aaron Mahnke at Wet Frog Studios

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Very special thanks to the follow OSS projects for examples & libraries: