Drafts Screencast Series with David Sparks

Greg Pierce has been doing an exemplary job ushering users into Drafts and this screencast series is proof of his commitment.

Created by David Sparks (aka MacSparky), these screencasts will help new and existing users get more out of the Drafts – with introductions to many of Drafts features, how to customize the app, and how to setup and use Drafts actions to integrate with a variety of services and apps.

The first 2 episodes are up, a nice overview and an introduction to Drafts' Dropbox integration. Here's the former:

You can – and should – subscribe to receive the next videos on Youtube, Vimeo or Agile Tortoise's blog. If you don't own Drafts yet, it is 30% off until May 2.


Managing Reminders in Family

We're probably alike in that we are surrounded by people who aren't as tech savvy as we are and sometimes we want to solve a mutual issue with a solution from our geeky world that may prove itself challenging to implement. Here at home we're not adept calendar users, yet we were staggering to share errands and reminders, so I came up with a set of easy-to-setup implementations that helped us keep tasks in check and may help you sync with your family.

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How to access Google Drive files faster with Launch Center Pro

Allyson Kazmucha sets up her Launch Center Pro to skip Google Drive and go straight to the files she needs:

How I do this is simple enough. I’ve just created a folder inside of Launch Center Pro for all my Google Drive files that I access often. Inside of that I’ve then put direct links to the files I want to access.

Doing it this way allows Google to route me to the correct app the first time, instead of having to be routed through Drive, not to mention I no longer have to remember where files are inside Google Drive.

A lot of people use Google Drive apps to collaborate with multiple users and having shortcuts shave those burdensome seconds looking for the right spreadsheet. That's the beauty of Launch Center Pro, after a while your thumb is just moving towards the right place.


Updating My Website With Git and iOS

Jordan Merrick with another enticing testimonial on what we can achieve with iOS. This time he explores how he manages his blog design and uploads new posts with Git through Working Copy. Jordan goes step-by-step on how he integrates his source code with his articles and links to some nice resources if you host on Digital Ocean, as I do.

I'm a Git and version control enthusiast, yet I don't play ball with its interfaces – Even Github – and would take the command-line over them any day.


A Better Setup for the Movie Diary

When I released the new Movie Diary I knew adoption would be a challenge due to the setup, if you're here from the start, you probably saw a the video guide (and when I do a video, you know it's trouble) and followed every arduous step. You're brave, but you couldn't suggest the script to your friends because, well, they're not as brave as you. Perhaps you should give your friends another chance now.

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Replace Ranges in Drafts

Freshly updated to version 4.6, Drafts brings plenty of bug fixes and new features, of which my favorites are the Trash, a limbo where your notes go temporarily after deletion, and the new replaceRange url scheme and the perks that come with it to change selections or any stretch of text.

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The Movie Diary with Airtable and Pythonista

I have an itch to tweak my workflows until they're perfect only to break them apart and start all over again, and with the Movie Diary, my favorite and most used action, I was unsatisfied with Day One as a log keeper for habitual stuff, because every log template organizes data that would fit better in a database and that's not what makes a great journaling app, which Day One is.

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