Direct Links to Dropbox Files with Workflow

I've been pilling up GIFs in a Dropbox folder because you never know when you gonna need a reaction shot. If you ever shared a Dropbox link you found the unpleasant surprise that it wraps the file in its own page, hindering how apps such as Twitter and Facebook parse them. Tweaking the link reveals the direct link and this simple Workflow macro does the task for me.

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Add Scripts to Pythonista from Gists

Every time I share a Python script I do via Github gists, they're easy to maintain and are created directly from Pythonista. I used an script by Ole Zorn, the developer of Editorial and Pythonista, to create scripts from gist links in my clipboard. Pythonista 2.0 got an action extension and I thought it would be a great idea to improve such essential utility.

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Getting Drafts Right For 2016

Gabe Weatherhead, my go-to person for all things text, on how he uses Drafts:

My trick is to not overload Drafts with actions. Now that iOS 9 has terrific sharing sheet options, I don't need as many actions in Drafts. I prefer to open Drafts and get a giant white canvas over trying to select and edit an address bar in a browser or going through several taps to create a note in another app. I've been trained to think of an app-centric world but I think what we really need is an intention-centric world.

This article has everything: menu actions, script keys, general settings, praise for prompt. If you're getting started on Drafts or never used it up to your expectations, this should hook you up.

Interact – Contacts for Power Users

Apple provides apps for most of our necessities; they’re not extraordinary, but get the job done until a better one comes along and empowers us, the users, to get more done. Fantastical did that for the Calendar and now Interact, the newest app by Agile Tortoise, will do it for your Contacts.

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Canvas #1: Download and Upload Files

A new podcast on Relay FM to fullfill your regular dose of iPhone and iPad workflows, hosted by Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs. In the 31-minutes first episode they chat about methods to download and upload files on iOS and Federico ends up with 2 workflows for you.

In this initial episode of Canvas, Federico and Fraser discuss the available tools and techniques for downloading files from the web and uploading files back to websites. This is a task that was difficult-to-impossible on iOS before iOS 9 was released but is now easy.

You can subscribe to the podcast from iTunes, by RSS, directly on Overcast or Pocket Casts.

A Few Nice iCab Tricks for 2016

Gabe wrote this wonderful review of the possibilities brought by an app I don’t give enough praise for: iCab Mobile, perhaps the first great browser for iOS.

Safari for iOS is one of my favorite browsers, simply because it's so fast. The content blockers in iOS 9 has only made me love it, and the web, more. Even with all of this Safari love, I'm still just as likely to send a page to iCab because it's my utility belt for the Internet.

I should just install it.

Creating Device-Framed Screenshots in Workflow

Jordan Merrick on a workflow to frame iOS screenshots within their respective devices:

Instead of looking to insert a screenshot inside device image, a screenshot can be "wrapped" by slicing a device image beforehand. Then, with some creative use of the "Combine Images" action and a few variables later, it's possible to wrap a screenshot in a way that results in a perfect image of an iOS device containing a screenshot.

A creative way to use Workflow. The results are gorgeous.

NFL Scoreboard for Statusboard

The NFL’s popularity surged in Brazil in the last 2 years, yet we don’t have à la carte games and we’re at ESPN’s mercy on Sunday afternoons to pick a thrilling match. In an endeavor to track all games, I wrote an widget for Statusboard that displays all scores of the week and updates in real time.

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A Great Year

This was a tough year for Brazilians, 2015 marked the peak of our political crisis, in which our corrupt politicians point their fingers unceremoniously to cast doubt and raise a sandstorm that will take the accusations away. This political crisis affected the economy as investors began to distrust the country and took a French leave.

Inflation is going up, so as the goods’ prices. Oil price declined all over the world, yet gas price went up. My electricity bill raised 120%. One hundred and twenty f*cking percent. The best way to summarize 2015 for every Brazilian is that every price rose and our consumption power nosedived.

Yet this year was great.

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