Workflow 1.5: App Store Automation, Trello and Ulysses Actions, Audio Metadata, Safari View Controller, and More

Federico wrote a complete review of Workflow's newest version, filled with workflows to download:

Unsurprisingly for the Workflow team, this release adds over 20 new actions and dozens of improvements. Some of them are new app actions based on URL schemes, while others introduce brand new system integrations (such as iTunes Store, App Store, and Safari View Controller) and web actions for the popular Trello team collaboration service.

On the official blog announcement, a lot of praise for the new Workflow Composer., a huge improvement in performance:

We rebuilt the Workflow Composer from the ground up using ComponentKit for dramatically improved performance and reliability. Now your workflows open instantly no matter how long they are. More importantly, these efficiency gains mean your workflows run considerably faster than ever before!

As someone who built outrageously long workflows, I've spotted all sorts of bugs while I stacked actions and these all vanished now. This is the update I've been waiting for and I couldn't praise it enough.