About this site

One Tap Less is written, designed, developed and curated by Phillip Gruneich.


This site uses 3 typefaces: Proxima Nova, acquired via FontSpring, Neuzeit Grotesk, licensed from URW++, and Source Code Pro, open source. The color palette is heavily inspired on Globo, by Marco Torretta, and Spectrum, by Eigenlogik LLC.

I run some Javascript: The localStorage logic to retrieve webfonts used in the Smashing Magazine and enhanceJS from the Filament Group. The filter script from the Library page was written by myself. There's also jQuery to call the Bigfoot plugin for those fancy footnotes.

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This site is hosted on Digital Ocean and runs on nginx. I have no idea on how it works or how I configured the thing. I'd struggle to do it again. It's all witchcraft anyway. They have good tutorials though.

I use Kirby as my CMS since the first version of this blog. It is so good it makes me enjoy PHP.

Web Standards

This site is an example of opinionated web design, it uses the CSS flex module for layout, failing to support versions prior to IE11, Firefox 28, Chrome 21, Safari 6.1, Opera 15, iOS Safari 7, Android Browser 4.4. Don't expect the site to work properly on any browser version before those listed above and don't expect it to work at all on browsers unlisted. If you browsed to this site from an older browser, you probably did by mistake. If your boss forces you to use IE8, that's justifiable murder in some countries.