Shares for Flickr

'Shares' provides useful custom URL scheme. If you're familiar with it, try to call:


This will
1) Open 'Shares'
2) User uploads photo to Flickr
3) Automatically returns your app with direct URL of uploaded photo in clipboard that can be pasted.

'Shares' also accepts 'format', 'size', 'autocopy' parameters. For example,


This will
1) open 'Shares'
2) User uploads photo to Flickr
3) Automatically copy Markdown syntax with medium-sized photo URL to clipboard and returns your app.


  • format : url/html/markdown (default format is 'url')
  • size : original/large/medium/small/thumbnail (default size is 'original')
  • autocopy : y/n (default is 'y') When set to 'n', use can choose preferred format/size after upload.
  • x-success, x-cancel, x-error supported (see for detail)