Taming the Prompt on Drafts 4.1.1

This probably should have been 4.2…lots of good new bits.

Greg is spot on here, probably the features I’m the most excited about on the recently updated Drafts are the new prompt action step and the multiple Markdown processors. We’ll take a look into those now.

Aware of my Addiction with Tally 2.0.1

I’ve been a smoker for 7 years and day after day my need to quit grows. Need, not desire and breaking an habit unwillingly is hard, specially when it entangles your brain and runs through your veins. I tried to just quit on the spot and it created a monster unable to achieve any result on a regular day, after 72 hours without a cigarette I was behaving as you’d expect from a crack addict.

I’m ashamed, but I keep trying and being aware of how many cigarettes I smoke daily warns me I went too far. By the end of the day it is not just another smoke, it is the 18th cigarette and that’s alarming. I built a system around Tally to keep me in line, every time I light a cigarette, I pull the Today widget and add one to the counter, but there is still more to it.

iOS status bar cleaning one year later

Dr. Drang revisits his scripts to clean status bars from screenshots of iOS devices and shows the progress he made over the past year.

In the intervening 14 months, I’ve done a fair amount of improving, refactoring, and extending of the scripts, and I’ve kept my mouth shut about it. But since a year is a lifetime on the internet, I feel no guilt about breaking my vow of silence.

It is really difficult to do that on iOS, I can say that as I tried myself. Amazes me to see the evolution of the script — and the doctor’s dedication, but there’s a lot of ground to cover until a single solution to fit all possibilities exist. But there’s hope, perhaps even from Apple as while recording your iOS devices with QuickTime on the Mac, it cleans the status bar for you.


Tweaking the Movie Diary

When you mix two personal things together, there’s no size to fit all possibilities. Everything you automatize is personal, so as your journal, it is only fair to say you should want to tweak it to your tastes. The Movie Diary workflow is one of those cases and I’m going to help you customize it to fit how you want to file your movies.

The new Workflow and the Movie Diary

One thing about automation that is the complete opposite of the film industry is that our sequels don’t suck. I posted a sneak peek for this project almost 2 months ago and you took my Dropbox public links down twice. I loved that. This workflow rethinks my Pythonista script to create Day One entries from movies you watch using the newest version of Workflow.

From Instapaper to Reading List to Pinboard

Betaworks has been doing an outstanding job with Instapaper lately, yet as days went by, I felt that how I’ve read articles online departed from what the service offered me. The web has changed and you find interactive articles all the time. Content that relies on the design around it, something no read later service can comply. How the web changed along with my needs as a web designer led me to a search for a new way to store the articles I’m yet to read.

Workflow: Automation for Everyone

By now you don’t need an introduction to Workflow, the app that brings a mouthful of possibilities to automation for iOS. If you still don’t feel 100% confident after reading the review on MacStories, this article will show new tricks, workflows and review the coolest actions that popped up on Twitter.

Workflow Review: Integrated Automation for iOS 8

While I think of actions empowered by the brand-new Workflow, the app that brings Automator to iOS, Viticci, as always, has some great actions already covered and waiting for you to try.

Workflow can automate Calendar events and Reminders, it can parse and extract data from webpages in Safari, and it has full support for Photos and sharing services. It even works with iCloud Drive and extensions. Workflow’s first version lacks some obvious features like backup and sync, but what it does today is an extremely powerful proposition – from both practical and conceptual standpoints.

Workflow is only $2.99 for a very limited time and there’s a huge pool of actions yet to be created.