Dispatch text to Pastebin with 1Writer

I’m always looking for ways to help people with automation on iOS and when the Drafts Twitter account retweeted a plea, asking if anyone figured out a way to integrate Drafts and Pastebin – I couldn’t contain myself. By the end of the day, I achieved the goal with 1Writer and I’ll tell you why and how.

Track TV shows with the TV Journal for Workflow and Day One

The spinoff from the Movie Diary; the TV Journal tracks and logs your television shows. This is my most ambitious action for Workflow yet and I’ve been craving to share it with you. Last time I checked it used more than 300 action blocks — then I lost count. Countless bugs found over beta versions – as an action that pushes Workflow to its limit – delayed its release, but here it is, the TV Journal.

Quick App Store Links with Blink

I’ve always been a supporter for utilities built for iOS, once I even said we can’t have a “rich environment of interactions without such apps”. Blink is the newest addition to this collection and a great one if you’re constantly fiddling with App Store links.

Let's talk about piracy

It is ironic that the passion for cinema that prompted me to film school began with pirated movies. In my home town there’s a place called “camelódromo”, there’s no translation to the term and the only Wikipedia entry on the subject is in Portuguese. The article points out that the camelódromo is a place to concentrate hawkers that would otherwise be on street, blocking traffic in populated areas. In general, they sell illegal goods that come from the Paraguayan borders with Brazil.

Think of the structure of a camelódromo as a street fair, a long arcade and stands on both sides with counterfeit clothes, games, booze, movies, music, tax-free electronics. I worked there as a teenager until I moved to college and the customers I’ve seen and their demands conveyed the dynamics of piracy to me.

Schemes — URL Actions, Finally Simplified

Let me share a secret with you: url encoding sucks. Some actions I post rely on verbose urls, undecipherable code you just ignore and seek for the button to install the action and call it a day. If you ever tried, you know it is hard and inevitably down to trial and error, but those days are over. Schemes is an interface to build url actions with drag and drop, just throw apps in the canvas and link them in any order to build workflows from the simplest to the most complex imaginable.