What's new on One Tap Less

Apple's keynote was shipshape and didn't spark much controversy — until Ben Thompson published this, so I want to share the latest improvements I made to the site, poorly uploaded one day before the keynote, but as any developer will tell you, You gotta ship it, because there will always exist something to tweak and a feature to include. I embraced a long weekend and released the update and I hope you like them.

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Chaining workflows in Workflow

Chaining actions is what we do best here and Stephen Millard introduced a puzzling concept with his piece from July:

The approach I've adopted is based around a simple single level control workflow. It takes an input and then based on that sequentially determines what should happen next. It triggers that by calling another workflow using an x-callback URL.

I can't find much practical use for it and it is quite complex to grasp what happens underneath, but interesting if you want a modular approach to your workflow. Here's a video so you can see his examples in action. Stephen has even more resources for Workflow, so be sure to check his blog.


Searching OmniFocus with Launchbar — Part 1

I was reluctant and lingered until I embraced OmniFocus as my panacea for task management; I was afraid it would overwhelm me with features and stifle my productivity with hoaxes, but that hasn't been the case. Launchbar has been my loyal companion since I began fiddling with automation on my Mac. We'll mingle both in this article: we'll search through all our tasks from Launchbar and learn some Javascript for Automation along the way.

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Expanding truncated RSS feeds

There's a good chance that you read this blog from its RSS feed, that's how I follow most publishers without a regular schedule or sites that publish no more than a couple of pieces daily. For the rest, there's Twitter. Some feeds I subscribe to truncate their articles and exhibit a single paragraph, a couple hundred characters or just a Twitter-like description, a link by the end of the excerpt takes you to the article in the original site and I'm declaring war to them.

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Late Thoughts on iOS 9 and x‑callback‑url

Two years ago was probably the first time I heard of x‑callback‑url. It was the most remarkable, at least, with an article on MacStories in which Viticci chained 4 apps. He swiftly moved information between them, starting with a bookmarklet in Safari and bouncing into Drafts, then Due and returning to Safari afterwards. Seeing what an empowered iOS user could achieve mesmerized me.

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