Smart Groceries

I have a crush on two things, one of them, as you may already know, are lists, the other one are smart applications that improve the further you use them. Applications that learn and give you the exact dose you need. So I was wondering today, most of the things around us are organized through lists and if there's one kind of list everyone has (or should have at least) are groceries.

I'm not even talking about complex lists with price research, honestly, who has time for that these days? And looking for an application that does the price research for you is great, but locks the application geographically. I was looking for a simple app focused on groceries and checking out some reviews from the past, here are the features I've found: barcode scanner, list sharing, integrated coupons, link to recipes, push notifications, etc. And this was the exact opposite of what I was looking for.

See, there are apps which are highly customizable, meaning that you can configure it to improve its use for you, often these applications have a high learning curve and give you a lot of trouble before getting any result. What I was looking for (and what I suggest now) is a Smart Groceries List.

Let's get practical, 10 days ago I've bought pasta, 3 days ago, milk. Today, I've included milk and pasta into my groceries list. I want an application that makes the assumption that milk lasts around 3 days in my fridge, meanwhile pasta is consumed after 10 days in average. So if I open this application 3 days from now, it will suggest me to purchase milk, if I do it only 10 days from now, it will suggest me both. No push notifications, no brand products, no recipes, no coupons, no damn barcode scanner, don't fucking bother me. What I want is something to aid the biggest problem of every busy guy: memory.

My girlfriend loves garlic, we've been out of garlic for the past few days already. Today she had the chance to visit the supermarket and guess what she forgot? Garlic, exactly. Would a barcode scanner help her? Maybe a push notification that her store is nearby? A coupon? An application that knows how long a product often lasts for me? Hell, yes.

But now think of further possibilities. When was the last time you did a haircut? That you replaced your toothbrush? That you donated a book or a blouse? You may not find an use for short term items as they're so embed in our daily lives that we often hit the supermarket only for those. But think about those things you do in the middle term, on a random, but still longer routine.

This is one of those things that if nobody thought previously, shame on you. Please, tell me there is something like this out there.