Blog changes

This is a really quick post about a few changes to the blog that I'd like to share with you.

I moved every article written in portuguese to a dedicated page, leaving the main archive uncluttered. So if you had any bookmark there, the kittie broke it.

I changed the layout just a little bit to look better on mobile and to highlight the search form. If it doesn't look so good on the iPad, I'm still working on a solution, but you can send some screenshots to punish me. The biggest change in design is the adoption of Typekit to provide me with the gorgeous FF Tisa Pro, Adelle and Source Code Pro.

I've been maintaining the "best" library of x-callback-url documentations on the web as I write this post, so if you have any intention to dig deeper into this thing, bookmark this page right now. If you hear about any app missing, please, let me know and I'll update the library immediately.

As a reward for opening this post, here is a picture of the day we got 6 kitties on the street, brought them home, fed them for almost 2 months and found proper homes for 5 of them, as one stuck here.

And this is how big the motherfucker who stayed is:

Thank you for supporting this blog.