GoodTask for Mac Giveaway

Ben Whiting won the giveaway. Thank you all for participating and I hope you enjoy the Broadcast.

GoodTask is a beautiful way to handle your reminders on your iOS devices and haha Interactive just released its Mac version, equally delightful and efficient. I was granted with a Mac license to reward one of my readers. Wanna participate?

As you know, I run a Broadcast on where I inform about new apps joining the x-callback-url library. Subscribe to the Broadcast and you’re up for the draft.

If you already subscribe to the Broadcast, consider yourself in.

I publish on the Broadcast weekly at best since I refuse to smother you in notifications (you have way too many already) and since the x-callback-url library lacks a RSS feed, this is the best way to learn when a new app is included.

The dice will roll on next saturday, May 3 and I hope you win. The winner will receive a private message from moi with the token code.