Great Recipes for IFTTT New Location Channel

I still believe that location reminders are the future and IFTTT gave a huge step forward into that direction. A new update on their iOS app came with a location channel and great ideas are blossoming in the network. I selected a few that you may find good use.

We can consider two kinds of actions, the first one covers day-to-day, often related to work and home. The first example uses the channel to turn on your Hue Philips when you get home, great to warn your wife that you’re close so she can dismiss her lover or just freak out the cats. Of course, your best use would probably be to turn the lights off as you leave home.

The next one is quite useful. When I get to work, I often make a Day One entry if I arrive at the office and it hasn’t opened yet. Now with this recipe I can create a time sheet with my arrivals and departures from the agency.

Then you have the now and then actions, triggered on those places you don’t visit daily, however, when you do it is often to perform the same action. This close to the holidays, this recipe to post on your Facebook wall when you’re near your vacation city is superb for your friends to stock beer for the party or even for a family member to pick you up at the airport.

Other cool integration is implemented on this action that creates a iOS reminder after you visit a certain location, on the example, creating a reminder to exercise after eating a fatty meal at Chipotle. Think for a second on the possibilities of this, such as reminding you to update your finances after you visit the supermarket.

Considering the location channel and the date time channel, I ponder about the chance of IFTTT adding a third layer for their recipes, a “when” trigger that would let you create more complex workflows to expand the possibilities of the service, such as “if it is raining, notify me to pick the umbrella when I leave home”, this way you would avoid daily nags every time you leave home. A man can dream, right?

Also, we should all mail IFTTT asking them to support url actions on the Pushover channel. That, my friends, would break the piggy bank.