One Tap Less is live

Months ago, I wrote about a re-brand I was planning for this site, detaching it from my name and turning it into something unique and pronounceable. I call it "One Tap Less", after all, this is what we go after with automation, saving a few more taps and clicks.

I'll redirect the current address, philgr to its relative directory at One Tap Less over this week, so you won't have to worry about your bookmarks for at least another year, when the philgr account expires.

I hope you enjoy the new design, but don't forget to visit the Library and the Actions page, both have some very interesting new functionality.

The x-callback-url library grew to more than 120 apps and things started getting crowded there, so in One Tap Less you have a live search, just type the app or a feature and the Library will filter the apps for you.

The Actions page is completely revamped, all actions have been reviewed to support current apps and APIs. You can quickly jump to a specific app from the dropdown menu at the top. On every action, the title leads you to the original article where this action was published and a button to quickly install or view the action. Every action also contains the apps used by the action, they're the thumbnails below the install button.

In the next few days, I also aim to improve the site's accessibility and fix all the W3C errors this initial release has. On the long run, I have a couple of ideas, like making the site's search look for actions and documentations, along with articles; dumping jQuery altogether as soon as I find (or build) a pure Javascript replacement for Bigfoot.

Some acknowledgements, I don't have the most vast audience, as you may expect, so I took some liberties while building this new version, where, for example, the whole layout is built using the Flexbox module, so if you're on any IE before 11 or Opera Mini, I can only say I'm sorry1. I'm blessed that 99.8% of my visitors use updated versions of their browsers.

Overall, I hope you enjoy what I designed here, don't be a stranger and send me your feedback on Twitter. I'm truly glad with the current result and I would only be happier if you felt the same way.

  1. Still, I think you were here by accident, so my conscience is clean.