Publishing Articles to WordPress with Workflow on iOS

Viticci shares how he publishes on Wordpress from his iPad thanks to the latest version of Workflow:

Those who don't use WordPress on iOS won't see this new action as a big deal. But if you, like me, have been looking for a solution to integrate WordPress publishing at a system level because you've always been unhappy with WordPress clients on iOS, you can see why this is an important addition to the blogging workflows of iPhone and iPad users. With a single action and through the automation engine of Workflow, I can now publish content to my site from anywhere on iOS; if I decide to stop using 1Writer for Editorial or any other text editor, that won't affect my ability to automate WordPress publishing as I long as I have Markdown. That's the freedom of plain text and iOS extensions.

Also, read until the end of the article for an overview of other features from the newest Workflow and Viticci's most used workflows.