2013 in Review: Source Codes in Textastic

Last year, Textastic, one of the essential apps in my workflow, got x-callback-url and a few more tricks. One of them allowed you to replace http:// for textastic:// and open the source code from the current browser page in the app. I wrote a script for that using Pythonista. Now I’m making it simpler and faster.

You remember how to create a bookmarklet, right? Just bookmark any page and edit its url to the one given to you. It often starts with javascript:. Add the following code as the url from one of your bookmarks then:


If you test it right now, you’ll get the entire source code from this page in Textastic. Easier, right? There’s no need for Pythonista and it runs incredibly fast. Time to study some source codes and improve your web skills while we wait for Textastic’s update for iOS 7.