Textwell — Actions with Javascript

Custom actions are definitely becoming a thing when it comes to brand-new text editors. At first, I was amazed by the possibilities offered by 1Writer, then others followed the trend, such as Write and even TaskAgent. Today I found out about Textwell, which brings new possibilities to the game applying javascript to actions.

Textwell’s built-in actions already caused a nice impression, such as allowing you to add your location to the text or grab a string and search on any engine. I call it string because it can be many things, from the whole document to the current line, selection or clipboard. Damn, it even allows you to specify a range of text based on characters or edit your draft with search and replace.

I didn't dig much into Textwell yet, we were introduced only one hour ago and it is already 3 AM down here, but here’s a little snippet I can leave with you:

Send Current Line to Due:

T( 'urlScheme', {
    url: 'due://x-callback-url/add?title=' + encodeURIComponent( T.current ),
    option: 'clearAll'
} );

As you can may see while you import the action, Textwell allows you to set a different icon or add a description directly from the action. This snippet shall illuminate you on the path to create your own url schemes. Don’t forget to read the docs to learn more about making actions and its url scheme.

We’ll be back soon, thirsty for more.