Track Currencies on Statusboard

I caught myself searching for 1 USD to BRL too many times on DuckDuckGo and decided to create a panel for that information on Statusboard. Best part? You can create as many as you want to match all currencies you need. If you monitor currency rates for your online purchases, this panel is for you.

Run this Workflow action to build a panel:

Build Currencies for Statusboard

Customizes the currencies panel to match the currencies you want to track.

Get Workflow

Worth reminder that the panels I publish require the IAP purchase.

I follow the rates with Yahoo Finance, but you can suggest another free API. The app is built in PHP on Heroku. I also delivered the Rescuetime panel on the service and I’m loving it. In the next couple of days I’ll introduce you to 2 other Statusboard panels, so stay tuned.