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One Tap Less | Blog

Publishing Articles to WordPress with Workflow on iOS

Viticci shares how he publishes on Wordpress from his iPad thanks to the latest version of Workflow:

Those who don't use WordPress on iOS won't see this new action as a big deal. But if you, like me, have been looking for a solution to integrate WordPress publishing at a system level because you've always been unhappy with WordPress clients on iOS, you can see why this is an important addition to the blogging workflows of iPhone and iPad users. With a single action and through the automation engine of Workflow, I can now publish content to my site from anywhere on iOS; if I decide to stop using 1Writer for Editorial or any other text editor, that won't affect my ability to automate WordPress publishing as I long as I have Markdown. That's the freedom of plain text and iOS extensions.

Also, read until the end of the article for an overview of other features from the newest Workflow and Viticci's most used workflows.

Post to Medium from 1Writer

Viticci published a wonderful reencounter with 1Writer this week on MacStories while, by sheer coincidence, I was working on this action for a colleague to plug 1Writer into Medium with their fresh API. This article will guide you through a couple of steps to get it working.

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Markdown and Automation Experiments with 1Writer

Federico Viticci testing 1Writer for his writing needs.

But, with its JavaScript actions and limited custom objects, 1Writer can replicate my essential Markdown workflows that I use on a daily basis, with an important difference. By being able to use 1Writer alongside other apps with Split View on iOS 9, I'm finding myself depending on fewer workflows. Using two apps at the same time has enabled me to cut down the number of steps required to reduce time spent editing, researching material, or publishing articles to WordPress.

1Writer has its own section for actions here. Coincidentally I’m working on a 1Writer action that will certainly please some of you, so stay tuned.

Track Currencies on Statusboard

I caught myself searching for 1 USD to BRL too many times on DuckDuckGo and decided to create a panel for that information on Statusboard. Best part? You can create as many as you want to match all currencies you need. If you monitor currency rates for your online purchases, this panel is for you.

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Trigger Workflows with Clipboard Text as Input

The clipboard is the last resort when I build my actions because they leave a footprint. Unless you do a couple of extra steps to maintain a clipboard history, the value that runs through your apps will remain there and push the previous one into nothingness.

Some apps don’t give you a choice though and all you want is to access the iOS sharesheet. A Youtube video? A Vine short? An Instagram photo? None will let you access the built-in sharesheet and trigger extensions and your only alternative is to copy a link to the clipboard.

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A Few Launchers for iOS 9

Gabe’s review of Today widgets to launch apps and actions:

The latest version of Launcher extended the relatively simple app launch actions of version 1.0 to include new status widgets like available storage of my phone. There are also new options that provide more granular function access with other apps like Maps and Messages.

He prefers Launcher over Launch Center Pro and Workflow. I always thought Launcher was a happy accident, an app that wouldn’t gather any attention without sneaking through app review. Glad to read it is making something good of its 15 minutes of game.

RescueTime for Statusboard

RescueTime is a web service that tracks what you do and calculates your productivity according to the sites you visit and applications you use. It’s my own private spy that pats on my back on a good day and points out the time sinkers in my day otherwise.

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What's new on One Tap Less

Apple's keynote was shipshape and didn't spark much controversy — until Ben Thompson published this, so I want to share the latest improvements I made to the site, poorly uploaded one day before the keynote, but as any developer will tell you, You gotta ship it, because there will always exist something to tweak and a feature to include. I embraced a long weekend and released the update and I hope you like them.

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