Stop All the Presses!

You probably already know Ulysses 3, i’ve purchased it a few hours after its release on AppStore and it has caused a great impression on me. I was looking for a word processor focused on Markdown and with some WYSIWYG functionalities. On paper, Ulysses 3 is perfect to me.

However, today, as I was finishing my article due to tomorrow for Mac.AppStorm, Ulysses crashed. Ok, I’m a Sketch user, Ulysses saves as I type, so I just opened it back and expected to get back to work. For my surprise and disappointment, my article had corrupted. Worst than that, my two other articles, written previously, were also gone.

If you’re using Ulysses, this may happen to you and there’s no coming back within the application, it’ll just try to load your articles endlessly. Nevertheless, there’s a way to save your data, as I did. First you must allow showing your system files and dig into ‘username’/Library. Save yourself the trouble to go deeper and do a search for your article headline on Spotlight, do a Quick Look just to confirm that it is actually corrupted (the preview will show up blank). Right-click, Show Package Contents. You’ll have two files: Content.xml and Text.txt.

The previous will contain your article complete in a XML structure, there you’ll find your links, for example, since that content is not present within the plain-text file. Open the word processor you used previously from Ulysses and mount your content again. Stick to it until they fix these things.