A Day to Update Python Scripts

I may want to figure out a better way to announce these, but two of my latest scripts received major updates today and I urge you to grab the newest versions. The first is from my previous article to log the movies you watch on Day One using IMDB and Pythonista to add film information. The other is my crop tool for Editorial to crop images and save to the Camera Roll.

Log Movies on Day One

If you think URL encoding is difficult, don't step near unicode and HTML entities. The first version of the script would replace accented characters for their HTML entities and that doesn't look very good on Launch Center Pro. Now you can search for all the Pokémon movies and receive the correct results. The script is updated on both the article and the gist, so please yourself.

Crop Images on Editorial

I'm enthusiastic about this one since it took me days to find the appropriate solution. Previously, this workflow was straightforward: select an area, crop the image, save to Camera Roll. Now, after selecting an area, you can drag the corner handlers to adjust size or the whole area square to move the selection.

I kept the function that if you tap outside any of the areas you start a new selection, so be a little careful, mainly on the corner handlers (although I increased them to a 44 pixels' box). This update also brings some layout fixes, so if you turn your device, the crop selection will adjust accordingly.

And there's a bug, of course, when you finish the selection, the Crop/Clear buttons still look disabled, but if you tap on them, they shall work. If you make a selection, tap on Crop and then close the popover window, the buttons will turn into their true colors.

Get the updated version at Editorial's Public Workflow Directory and have fun cropping images on Editorial.