Closing AppStorm

I only became an app aficionado after I got my Macbook Pro and AppStorm was partially responsible for that. It was the place I went to read reviews and learn about new apps. After writing a spreadsheet with every rating gave by the AppStorm authors through its history, I met Matthew Guay and got my first chance to write for the network. Not even one year has passed since my first article and AppStorm is closing its doors.

I wrote 22 articles for the Mac division, 12 for the Web and 4 for the iPhone. 38 in my full course at the network. But that doesn’t matter. The chance I got at AppStorm came when I couldn’t afford my bills and was about to give up to make a living writing. It got me back up and running, introduced me to some great friends, true friends, the kind of great people you build such a great relationship your parents would dismiss as implausible for the internet. It doesn’t happen often, but I must tell you that they last longer because you’re always on reach.

That’s what I hope for the future, that the great people I met at AppStorm — the editors, the writers, the audience — will remain within a keyboard tap’s reach.