Hog Bay Software will no longer update their iOS apps.

Jesse Grosjean on its farewell newsletter from the iOS environment:

Going forward I will focus on the Mac apps: FoldingText, WriteRoom, and TaskPaper. The next version of FoldingText is in progress. After that I’ll do updates to WriteRoom and TaskPaper.

I will stop selling the iOS apps. I’m sorry, I know this is disappointing, but I see no way to maintain them all myself.

I knew this was coming as I emailed Jesse about a project I was carrying on with my good friend Pedro Lobo to transform TaskPaper into a powerful GTD tool for our needs. We were adding parallel and sequential projects, next actions, review mode and all those little automation tricks in a python script so people could trigger them using Pythonista on their iOS devices. When Jesse told me about this, I lost the excitement to proceed.

The script was put on hold as myself and Pedro moved to other side projects while we wait for an alternative that matches the powerful search and tagging from TaskPaper in a plain text environment. It is a pity to us, but I can only hope Jesse pulls through this with further development to the great text editor FoldingText is.