Google Maps & x-callback-url support

While digging the web for hidden updates to the x-callback-url library, I found a post in Japanese mentioning Google Maps and x-callback-url. It intrigued me, so I decided to test it. Magically, it works.

If you check Launch Center Pro it will give you the following url scheme for Google Maps:


You can modify it slightly to support the x-callback-url parameters. This is the LCP action based on the one mentioned in the Japanese post.

comgooglemaps-x-callback://x-callback-url?x-source=LCP&x-success=launchpro://&daddr=[prompt:Where do you want to go?]&directionsmode=driving

This action will prompt you for an address and open driving directions from your current location to the input. You’ll notice in the top that you have the option to return to the app designated in your x-source parameter. You can download this action here. This is how the top of your screen will look like when you use this action:

This action probably works with the other parameters from Google Maps, as documented here. No excuse to get lost now if you’re still into Google, right?