Thank you, 2013

This blog started in April and I couldn’t be happier; and if you’re reading this, then thank you for following me and coming back on every post or just to check the x-callback-url library. To make your visit worthy, here comes a list of apps I’m thankful for in 2013.

I limited the list to apps and services released in 2013, otherwise this list would be really long. It was a great year, I got a second cat, I had to truly learn CSS which ended up becoming understanding of Sass and Compass to build this blog responsively. I also learned bits of Python to create the workarounds you find in this blog. Overall, I learned a lot and there are a few names I should list here for their inspiration and support: Matthew Guay, Pedro Lobo, Eric Pramono, Greg Pierce, Brett Terpstra, Patrick Welker, Dr. Drang, Ole Zorn, Sean Korzdorfer, Andreas, John August and most of the folks at Thank you for just being there.