NFL Scoreboard for Statusboard

The NFL’s popularity surged in Brazil in the last 2 years, yet we don’t have à la carte games and we’re at ESPN’s mercy on Sunday afternoons to pick a thrilling match. In an endeavor to track all games, I wrote an widget for Statusboard that displays all scores of the week and updates in real time.

The widget will display the current quarter and remaining time. If the game hasn’t started, it will show the start time. There’s a tiny bar in splitting the score that changes color, green means ongoing, red for over, yellow for halftime and gray for future games.

There’s no setup, all you have to do is click here and Statusboard will prompt you to add the panel. You can also use this panel without Statusboard by clicking here to see it in your browser.

If there’s any panel you’d love to see in Statusboard, share your idea with me on Twitter. For now I hope you have fun watching the last week of regular season and, in case you’re wondering my stand: Go Cardinals!